Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wanted photos of Cracked Heels.

Do you suffer from cracked heels? I need some photographs to share with visitors to this blog of really cracked heels and since mine are now all healed due to taking my own advice I have nothing left to photograph. Let me know if you have a photograph or two to share by leaving a comment on this blog. The best photo submitted will receive a free Kingoonya  Seriously Outback T-Shirt.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrating my victory over cracked heels.

Yes I am very pleased to report that for the last two years I have not suffered from cracked heels even better I have had smooth heels that no longer even catch on panty hose or my socks. No more dark stained crack lines and I can bare my feet in public without feeling embarrassed. Ok maybe slight embarrassment from my hairy hobbit toes (lol my nickname for them).

Are you wondering how I did it? Would you like to know my victorious secret? Which product do you think worked for me?

It was two years ago that I last saw heel cracks on my feet. It was mid summer and I had as usual resorted to wearing rubber thongs (flip flops for OS readers) or sandals for most of the day. To try and keep them from getting to the bleeding stage I would use a foot file and Aesops Rosemary and Mandarine moisturiser. This kept them  under control to a great degree but if I got lazy for a few days they would be as rough as a rasp and looking nasty. Then "it" happened! I got told by an orthotics specialist that I needed inserts for my arches due to flattening feet. I got the special innersoles and realised that you can't wear thongs and orthotics simultaneously as they just slip out lol. So I had to wear my closed in shoes if I wanted to stop my poor feet and toes from suffering.

After six months of using my orthotics and closed in shoes not only did my foot ache and toe problem disappear so to did the cracked heels. It has been so long since I last saw a crack that I don't even know where the foot file is.

I still go bare foot at night and wear my thongs to the pool or beach but aside from that I keep my feet protected in my closed in shoes with good cotton or wool socks.

So long story short to solve your cracked heel problem wear closed in shoes for the greater part of the day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thongs (flip flops) are feet killers and heel crackers.

I have come to realise that wearing thongs (flip flops as some call them) are really bad for your feet. My heels have been great all year until I got my thongs out. Not only have my heels now started to dry out and head for cracking there are other reasons they are not good for my feet in general.

1) They are often the cause of calluses and heel fissures All that pounding on the back of your foot hardens the skin, and your feet are now exposed to the air, which can cause the  skin to dry out. This can cause the callused skin to crack and bleed, which is very painful. I have personally developed a couple of deep blisters under the tough layers of skin on my heels from my thongs - (some brands place the back attachment on the thong at just the wrong spot which has caused excessive rubbing hence the deep blisters.)

Thongs or flip flops - feet hazards.

2) Thongs wont give you arch support this can lead your feet to turn inwards and promotes "flat feet".

3) Thongs that are soft and spongy will not protect the sole of your foot from hard rocks or even prickles. I have had many prickles and sharp rocks penetrate the soles of my thongs.

4) To help keep your feet in your thongs when you walk your toes will often curl for grip.This 
in turn puts excessive stress on your tendons and muscles in your shin.

5) Slipping risks. When your flip flops get wet on the inside your feet easily slip around and you can even slip right out of them. 

If you really feel that you must wear thongs or flip flops this summer and who can argue against their ease of use especially when at the pool or beach try finding a brand that has a small heel and some arch support and reduce your use to only a few times per week.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Four Steps to Recovery for your cracked feet

There are 3 things you need to do to recover from cracked heels.

1) Foot file. You need to reduce the amount of dead dry skin on your heals. To do this you need a foot file or a pumice stone. You can also go walking bare foot on a clean sandy beach if you have one close at hand.

2) Clean your feet. I personally scrub my feet with a soft nail brush but then I am usually out in thongs in my garden. You could use a sponge or a loofah. Don't soak your feet for too long as this can dry out you skin too.

3) Rehydrate your skin. You must replace the lost moisture from your feet. Choose a good strong moisturiser. There are many products on the market made especially for cracked heels.

4) Keep them covered. Wear socks and shoes and shoes that have ventilation or can "breath". Avoid synthetic shoes where possible or get good sports shoes that naturally ventilate. By doing this you are protecting your feet from the conditions that help dry out your feet. It is hard for me to do this as I love open sandals and thongs but you can improve things just by wearing a sock stocking. There are also some great products that you can wear on your cracked heels during the day or at night. 

Here is a link to my Outbackjack foot care store where I have selected products that have helped my feet.

Be nice to your feet.

Healthy Feet from the inside out

Nutrition plays an important part.

When I was in my late thirties I began to have trouble with cracked skin, both on my feet and hands. It was especially worse in winter due in part to the cold weather. However no matter how much I moisturised them they still got fine and often times painful cracks. Now I am a Christian and I was praying about this and I kept getting the impression that my diet was lacking and the words zinc and magnesium. So after a few weeks of this I decided to do some research not knowing what part these mineral and trace elements played in skin care. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are integral to overall skin health.

The main minerals I looked at overall were Selenium, Zinc and Magnesium. Vitamins also play an integral part of overall skin health such as vitamins E and C.

You can purchase supplements to add these minerals and vitamins to your diet, but I think it is better to try and improve your overall diet first. Nuts, legumes and seeds as well as shellfish  are a good source of selenium, magnesium and zinc and vitamin E. However I should tell you that these days foods are often grown in ground that has become depleted in minerals and trace elements and if the soil does not have much of them in it then neither will the produces. I am personally going to be adding trace minerals and elements into my vegetable patch this year.

Common foods that you can grow that are high in vitamin C are:

"The vegetables that have the highest value of vitamin C are: peppers, cauliflower, watercress, tomatoes, cabbage, peas, broccoli, potato skin and spinach. Try eating them raw with a little ranch dip. Also, the following fruits are high in vitamin C: limes, grapefruits, strawberries, melons, kiwi, oranges, guava, papaya, mango and tangerines. Fruit is the most beneficial if eaten alone and in the morning." 

Read more: Foods High in Vitamin C & E |

Keep your feet hydrated

Moisturise your Feet

Once you have filed your feet with your foot file, or a nice walk on the beach you will need to get some moisture back into your skin. There are many products on the market that claim to moisturise you feet but  not all are equal. 

My favourite product at present is Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm which my brother bought for me for Christmas. I know it is a hand balm but it is lovely on my feet and does not leave a greasy fell as it soaks straight in. This product however is not cheap but it is the best I have found. It is fantastic on my hands too as I garden for a living and I hate wearing gloves when weeding my hands and feet have never looked so good.

However prior to this I have used several other products which have been good also. Some of these include Avon Foot Care Products, Lanolin products and Emu oil products.

What causes heels to crack?

There are several factors that can increase your chances of getting cracked Heels or fissures. They are:

a) Cold winter weather or hot dry Australian summers
b) Dehydration, or not drinking enough water
c) Not moisturising your feet
d) Soaking in a hot bath for too long or too frequently
e) Wearing foot ware that exposes your feet to the dry conditions
f) Poor nutrition
g) Diabetes

It usually takes a combination of these factors to create cracked heels. For example a diabetic who takes good care of their feet will not usually get cracked heels, however their risk is higher if they add one or two others in the list.

Minor heel cracking or fissures 
Above you can see a picture of my foot. It still has some layers of dead skin and you can see where the cracks have been in my heals. My feet are no longer suffering from cracks but they need continued treatment or else the cracks or fissures will return. I use a foot file twice a week now before I shower. I then give my feet a quick scrub with a soft nail brush (because I have usually been in the garden in my thongs (flip flops in some counties). When I get out of the shower I then apply the moisturiser.